History of Liverpool in a 10 minute animation mapped on the Royal Liver Building

Amazing mapping by The Macula at the 100 years anniversary of the Liver Building and grand opening of New Museum of Liverpool event.


For the love of Miami Vice #13

Featuring general badassery by Castillo, expositorily marked propane, finely gelled hair, music by The Damned and Laurence Fishburne and Ron Perlman for good measure.

You talking to me?

Note to self: wash teeth first, then talk to mirror.




Ed Arnaud’s live photo gallery Tucson 1982-1984.

More here.



This is a robbery

Gotta love a good heist film.




For the love of Miami Vice #12

Light banter, funky outfits and slowmo explosion. Featuring Viggo Mortensen and Lou Diamond Phillips. ‘Best Adventures’ by Thinkman starts around 3 minutes.

Picture not related

RIP cell phone and hairdryer. Next the vacuum cleaner is probably going to catch fire. Again.