Michael Madsen’s poetry album Burning In Paradise

I can’t believe I missed this the first time around. Listen samples here.

Jim Henson pilots The Muppet Show with adult episode, ‘Sex and Violence’ (1975)

In the early 1970s, Jim Henson was worried that the Muppets were becoming typecast as children’s entertainment. So in December of 1974 he produced a pilot episode for The Muppet Show and gave it a name that was about as far away from Sesame Street as you could get: “Sex and Violence.”

The half-hour pilot was first broadcast on ABC in March of 1975. It’s a fast-moving series of vignettes, featuring a motley cast of characters–many of whom would become familiar in later years–appearing and reappearing throughout. Sam the Eagle, Sgt. Floyd Pepper, The Swedish Chef, Statler and Waldorf, and a wrestler named The San Francisco Earthquake all make an appearance. At one point, Kermit the Frog propositions a female with the line, “I might be able to get you a job on an educational show for kids.” The story, to the extent there is one, centers around preparations for a “Seven Deadly Sins Pageant.” Alas, the pageant never quite gets off the ground. As Sam the Eagle sagely asks: “Do we really want to get into a ‘deadly sins’ situation?”

You can watch “Sex and Violence” above, or in three parts here: one, two and three.


For the love of Miami Vice #24



Although Godley and Creme’s “Cry” is closely associated to the Definitely Miami episode, it was not featured on the original NBC airing. Instead, an original Jan Hammer incidental piece – which sounds very similar to the guitar rhythm in “Cry” – in select scenes such as when Crockett (Don Johnson) drives out to the sand dune junkyard to confront Charlie Basset (Ted Nugent), and when Crockett appears on the beach to reveal he is a cop and arrests Callie (Arielle Dombasle). Godley and Creme’s “Cry” replaced the Jan Hammer original score when Miami Vice went into TV syndication.


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It’s Monday so here’s Danny Trejo with a dove to make it all better.


Steve Albini’s food blog

Audio engineer/indie rock muckraker/Shellac band member Steve Albini cooks for his wife.



John Peel’s record collection to be made into online museum

John Peel‘s record collection is to be made into an interactive online museum.

Peel’s collection, which contains 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs, will become part of The Space, a new experimental digital service organised and funded by the Arts Council and the BBC.

To see his unbelievable amount of records watch the documentary John Peel’s Record Box again. (Part 2, 3, 4)

More here.



For the love of Miami Vice #23

Testarossa montage from season 4 episode ‘Blood & Roses‘. Crocket and Tubbs race to save Gina after her cover is blown. Featuring guest star Stanley Tucci doing his best casual yet menacing walk as Frank Mosca for a couple of seconds towards the end of the clip. Music is ‘Dangerous Game’ by Tommy Shaw.