Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89

This is a pretty insane project put together by my pal Vince B. from San Francisco a few years back. As the title indicates, this is a homemade 12 x CD-R (!) compilation of punk bands fronted by female vocalists from 1977 to 1989. More like a giant mixtape than a compilation, as he only made 36 copies which he sent to friends and people who submitted material. You may notice that some of the bands didn’t have a steady female vocalist (The Lewd, etc.) but he still included songs that were sung by another member of the band. This is as international as it gets, with stuff ranging from world famous Blondie or Crass to the most obscure Eastern European cassette compilation veterans. The boxset came packaged in a handnumbered fancy translucent lunchbox enclosing all 12 CD-Rs, a stack of full-colored cards featuring comprehensive tracklist and artwork/info, as well as a manga pin-up figure! Talk about a labor of love.  (via)


This takes making mixtapes to a whole new level. Vince, you are my hero. You can download the first 4 CDs here.



John Goodman being John Goodman

Here’s John Goodman doing what he does best, freaking out.  It’s the last day of my holiday today and something tells me I’ll be more than able to relate by noon tomorrow.