Colour In Storytelling

Check out Channel Criswell for more of his video essays on film.



In The Fridge

Personal favourite: Ghostbusters POV shot. You can watch the entire scene below.

Bye Bye Breaking Bad

After five seasons, it all comes to an end tonight. Bye bye Breaking Bad, we’ll miss you.

Photo: Alexei Hay

Give it a good bash

Try it now.



Don’t let me fall

Sometimes when you fall, you just don’t know how to stop.



John Goodman being John Goodman

Here’s John Goodman doing what he does best, freaking out.  It’s the last day of my holiday today and something tells me I’ll be more than able to relate by noon tomorrow.



Here’s looking at you, kid

Most effective in horror films, but that Death Proof bit was pretty creepy as well.