New state of matter found in chicken’s eye

The researchers report that the unusual arrangement of cells in a chicken’s eye constitutes the first known biological occurrence of a potentially new state of matter known as ‘disordered hyperuniformity,’ which has been shown to have unique physical properties


States of disordered hyperuniformity behave like crystal and liquid states of matter, exhibiting order over large distances and disorder over small distances. Like crystals, these states greatly suppress variations in the density of particles — as in the individual granules of a substance — across large spatial distances so that the arrangement is highly uniform. At the same time, disordered hyperuniform systems are similar to liquids in that they have the same physical properties in all directions. Combined, these characteristics mean that hyperuniform optical circuits, light detectors and other materials could be controlled to be sensitive or impervious to certain light wavelengths, the researchers report.

In the eye of a chicken, a new state of matter comes into view



“To reach this site the crocodile would have had to scale a [13-foot] completely vertical bank and then walk amongst the branches to reach the end of the tree.”

Turns out crocodiles can climb trees, because of course they can.



Serpent d’océan

Huang Yong Ping’s giant sea snake skeleton on the French seaside.

“They are your animals and you are looking after them, you build up a bond and you want the best for them.”

Edinburgh zoo keeper Michael Livingstone on his career path to working with giant pandas, bears, lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards and other carnivores.


Photo via.

“This was a case of young dolphins purposefully experimenting with something we know to be intoxicating.”

Dolphins getting high on puffer fish.



Wool Tang Clan

It’s Sheep Week at Modern Farmer and there’s plenty of lambtastic stuff at their website. From farming and cooking to finding the sheep of your dreams – it’s all there. Get your sheep thrills from The Official Modern Farmer LambCam (night vision included!) or why not revisit the GoatCam while you’re there!

“When you wait quietly in nature that way, you tend to see things that other people don’t see.”

The largest snake in the world has invaded the Everglades.



‘King of Gore’ joins T rex family tree

Lythronax argestes – a previously unknown phase of tyrannosaurid evolution.

The world’s least known cat caught on camera

Evidence of the bay cat and four other wild cat species in a previously unsurveyed rainforest in Borneo.



“When they feel very content they purr towards each other, and the ones we raised would purr to us.”

One of over 400 new species of animals and plants found in the Amazon rainforest over the past four years.