Surface to Structure origami exhibition

“Vole,” 2013, by Bernie Peyton, USA. Photographed by Christopher Bierlein.


Surface to Structure: Folded Forms is an exhibition of origami artwork that brings together the work of 88 artists spanning five continents.  The 134 works in the show encapsulate a broad spectrum of origami’s possibilities, both artistic and scientific, and push the perceptions of this art form beyond its traditional boundaries.


“Constrained Bowl,” 2012, by Linda Smith, USA. Photographed by Christopher Bierlein.

“Phoenix,” 2012, by Satoshi Kamiya, Japan. Photographed by Christopher Bierlein.

“Fluid Dynamic,” 2013, by Richard Swee­ney, UK. Photographed by Christopher Bierlein.

“Ciérbol,” 2013, by Victor Coeurjoly, Spain. Photographed by Christopher Bierlein.

On view until July 3, 2014, 11AM–10PM every day. Free. See details here.




“To reach this site the crocodile would have had to scale a [13-foot] completely vertical bank and then walk amongst the branches to reach the end of the tree.”

Turns out crocodiles can climb trees, because of course they can.



Serpent d’océan

Huang Yong Ping’s giant sea snake skeleton on the French seaside.

A Photographic Journey through Texas by Rémi Noel

Between 2004 and 2012, creative director, advertising copywriter and photographer, Rémi Noel visited Texas on several occasions. These are some of the images from those trips.

More here.


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Happy New Year all y’all!

Same as always, kids – party hard and take care of each other. 2014, let’s do this thing.


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“This was a case of young dolphins purposefully experimenting with something we know to be intoxicating.”

Dolphins getting high on puffer fish.



Toronto Frozen Leafs