Happy New Year all y’all!

Same as always, kids – party hard and take care of each other. 2014, let’s do this thing.


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The Shining set recreated

Kubrick Season promo for Channel 4 by Knucklehead.



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For relaxing times, make mine a double (o).


Roddy McDowall’s home movies from “Planet Of The Apes” (1968)



Bill Ray’s photos of old ladies

“Outside the Blackboard in Bakersfield, Hells Angels, hangers-on, and their old ladies conduct a seminar in advanced loafing.” –photograph by Bill Ray © Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

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The 357 Magnum Pistol Gun Hair Dryer by Jerdon Industries

Blown away.


Saturday’s agenda

sNSFW, vintage pin up playing cards.