For the love of Miami Vice #28


For the love of Miami Vice #27

Classic boat chase from Season 4, episode Baseballs of Death, music by Shriekback.


It’s Friday, so here’s Crockett and Tubbs keeping it real.



For the love of Miami Vice #26

Season 2, Episode 23, “Sons And Lovers”, music is “Long Long Way To Go” by Phil Collins & Sting.

For the love of Miami Vice #25


Classic Izzy. Soundtrack is ‘Sledgehammer’ by Peter Gabriel.

For the love of Miami Vice #24



Although Godley and Creme’s “Cry” is closely associated to the Definitely Miami episode, it was not featured on the original NBC airing. Instead, an original Jan Hammer incidental piece – which sounds very similar to the guitar rhythm in “Cry” – in select scenes such as when Crockett (Don Johnson) drives out to the sand dune junkyard to confront Charlie Basset (Ted Nugent), and when Crockett appears on the beach to reveal he is a cop and arrests Callie (Arielle Dombasle). Godley and Creme’s “Cry” replaced the Jan Hammer original score when Miami Vice went into TV syndication.


For the love of Miami Vice #23

Testarossa montage from season 4 episode ‘Blood & Roses‘.¬†Crocket and Tubbs race to save Gina after her cover is blown. Featuring guest star Stanley Tucci doing his best casual yet menacing walk as Frank Mosca for a couple of seconds towards the end of the clip. Music is ‘Dangerous Game’ by Tommy Shaw.

For the love of Miami Vice #22


Chasing cars, planes or boats – it doesn’t make much difference to Crockett.

For the love of Miami Vice #21


Vice arrest ends with a bang. Music by Mike & The Mechanics.

For the love of Miami Vice #20


Guest starring and music by Ted Nugent. Season 2, episode 12 ‘Definitely Miami’. Directed by Rob Cohen.

For the love of Miami Vice #19


Season 2, episode 5 ‘Buddies’. Music by The Nobodys, ‘No Guarantees’. Featuring James Remar, yet another chase scene and some great editing.