Dostoevsky’s Doodles

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s elaborate manuscript doodles.


Courtney Love’s autobiography published in December

Long-awaited Courtney Love autobiography finally has a publication date. The 400-page memoir will be published on 1 December.

“Nothing is off limits, not her relationship with Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor, nor her engagement to Ed Norton,” said a spokesperson for the publisher, Macmillan. “While she doesn’t shy away from tales of excess, Courtney also goes deeper, offering unique insights into the modern rock culture she helped shape.”




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Designing Bond

As usual, Bond is my literary companion for the summer. Ian Fleming’s Bond novels are perfect for the holidays as they are both superbly entertaining and make for light reading. In Bond’s world, the minutest details matter and lenghty descriptions of character’s outer appearance give insight not only to the  characters themselves but also to the inner workings of how Bond – a secret agent – sees the world and the people that surround him.

Fleming’s flair for descriptiveness and the exciting world of espionage with its ever chancing surroundings is beautifully translated in the Bond movies. While the film makers have always taken some artistic liberties, Bond’s world has always remained that of style. From the highly stylised and over  the top sets to the secret agent gizmos and fancy suits, the outer appearance of both Bond and his surroundings have been tailor made for each film and to suit each Bond.

The Barbican marks the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise, from 1962’s Dr No to this year’s Skyfall, with a unique exhibition showcasing the inside story of the design and style of an iconic movie brand. Below are a couple of videos that shine a light on the creation of design and artistic vision of the Bond films.

Award winning costume designer Lindy Hemming and a handful of bespoke tailors who have been instrumental in shaping and crafting this icon of style over 50 years explain the detail and thought process that goes into creating the style of Bond.

The creation of the iconic world inhabited by James Bond for over 50 years is no small feat. Award winning set designer Sir Ken Adams, Aston Martin’s Head of Design Marek Reichman and the designers and the makers of the legendary Golden Gun share their thoughts on the creation of Bond’s world.

Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style at the Barbican 6 Jul – 5 Sep 2012, be sure to check out the Martini bar for Bond-style cocktails.

“A 65-year-old man who’s angry is a loser. A 20-year-old angry man is a sexy leader. Nothing makes me angry anymore.”

The enigmatic auteur on his weird childhood, the sorry style of today’s rebels and the social importance of bad taste.



You are not so smart – The Book

Never trust Future You.




Samuel L. Jackson reads “Go the F**k to Sleep”

Remember when Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortés went viral courtesy of a pirated pdf of the book and, consequently, took the number one spot in Amazon prior to its release? I’ll take “vaguely” for an answer, because that’s about as much as I paid attention to the story at the time. This is, after all, a book for parents and the only thing I’ve ever been nursing is a hangover. I guess there’s some common ground there, both states being self-induced and that. But I digress.

To celebrate the release of the book they’ve also released a 6 minute audiobook on Audible, completely free of charge for a limited time. And as the caption might have led you to believe, it is indeed voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, the go-to man for all your NSFW needs.

If audiobooks aren’t to your liking, here’s the whole thing in a convenient video clip format. Reading starts around one minute.

According to Mansbach, there might be a Werner Herzog rendition in the works as well. We’ll see how that pans out, the impersonations of Herzog reading various children’s books that have been making the rounds for some time now might have already exhausted the comedy value to its full extent (1,2,3).

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Herzog’s live rendition is online. Check it out here, but be warned: it is a live reading and there are is live audience.


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