For the love of Miami Vice #21


Vice arrest ends with a bang. Music by Mike & The Mechanics.

For the love of Miami Vice #20


Guest starring and music by Ted Nugent. Season 2, episode 12 ‘Definitely Miami’. Directed by Rob Cohen.

For the love of Miami Vice #19


Season 2, episode 5 ‘Buddies’. Music by The Nobodys, ‘No Guarantees’. Featuring James Remar, yet another chase scene and some great editing.

For the love of Miami Vice #18

And here’s another chase scene featuring a standard roof tear off in slow motion. Track is Andy Tailor with ‘When the rain comes down’. It’s been too long since my last roadtrip.

Seeing as I’ve been slacking a bit with this feature recently, here’s a bonus post for all y’all.

Castillo, the original serious cat.

For the love of Miami Vice #17

Intro to ‘Freefall’, season 5 episode 21 and the first part of the series finale. Starts with what seems like a pretty straightforward chase scene but then things get a bit more complicated.

For the love of Miami Vice #16


Pretty courageousĀ  fashion statements all round, shout outs go to the girl in the leopard print one-piece combined with a miniskirt (00:23), the guy in the leather vest sans shirt (00:52) and the person in the pink whatchamacallit accessorised with a fedora (01:08). And hey lady, I saw what you did there (01:02). You’ll never work as an akwardly dancing extra again! The award for the creepiest leering as a guest star goes to William Gray Espy asĀ Louis McCarthy, with an honorable mention to Crockett.

(sNSFW, Tubbs being Tubbs.)

For the love of Miami Vice #15

Classic opening scene featuring William Russ as Evan and music by Peter Gabriel. Go and rewatch this episode now.